Coaching Services

Seeking answers but not sure where to look? Are your questions about family, work, health and wellness, or something else? Possibly a life coach is who you need. A life coach will help you identify the skills and abilities that reside within

you and then work with you to identify the best way to put them into productive use. A life coach can help their client get organized, set goals, manage their time more effectively, and help them develop strategies to meet specific difficulties that are interfering with daily life.

Health coaching is a specific area of study where the practitioner helps the client identify the individual solutions that will allow them to achieve optimum health and wellness. As a health coach, services offered include supplement evaluations, pantry purges, manage illness or disorders and implement lifestyle changes. Health coaching services are included as an addendum, at an extra charge, to the coaching package.

Personal coaching is an area where the practitioner assists the client in restoring balance in any number of areas of their life including family, friends, career, and success. Together the coach and client develop goals and an action plan for success. As a personal coach, focus is in areas of self-esteem, elimination of bad habits, performance enhancement, and relationships.

Spiritual coaching is an area of specialization where the coach may utilize spiritual readings or channeling’s to bring clarity to the area of concern. As a spiritual coach, I offer toe and tarot readings as well as channeling Ezekiel,

Guardian of the Akasic Records. These readings can be lighthearted and set up in groups or parties or to meet a deeper, spiritual need.

Coaching is a process, never a quick fix. Packages are available in 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month time frame. The initial session will last 90-120 minutes with a charge of $177 if a coaching package is not selected. Appointments will be set with the client twice a month – on alternating weeks – for 1 hour. It will be the client’s responsibility to call the coach on the designated date and time.

The 3 month (6 session) package is $577; the 6 month (12 session) package is $977; and the 12 month (24 session) package is only $1977.