Herbal Remedies

Archeologists have determined the practice of using plants as medicine has been around for nearly 60,000 years. In the more recent history, Hippocrates, Father of Western Medicine, said, “Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greater force in getting well.” Helping the body find its natural balance or homeostasis begins with the traditional use of plants as medicine.

Herbalism is the practice and study of using medicinal plants to restore health and wellness.

Approximately 25% of pharmaceuticals are derived from plants. The difference between herbal medicine and pharmaceutical medications is the process of isolating constituents, or the compounds that give the herb its action. In order to patent a formula into a medicine, clinical trials must be conducted and the formula must be of a consistent strength. Despite the fact that whole herb formulas are unpatentable, scientific testing has shown that there is a certain synchronicity between ALL of the constituents in the plant and how they work together to provide results for thousands of years.

Nature’s Simple Remedies offers whole herbs in the form of teas, salves, balms, encapsulation and culinary spice blends. Whole herb tinctures are on the planning board for the near future.

My goal is to provide individuals of all ages drug-free alternatives for health and wellness.

Herbal Services include:

Supplement evaluation: Do you really need all those supplements on your shelf? This evaluation will look at your goals for health and wellness and help you determine which supplements will best allow you to reach those goals. Approximately 1.5 hours – $ 177.00

Complementary formulas: Are you taking a medication that is causing uncomfortable side effects? I can provide you with information on herbal alternatives that you can take to your primary care physician and create a plan to reduce or eliminate the medications. Approximately 3 hours – $ 377.00

Herbal evaluation: Are you looking for drug-free alternatives to get your health back on the right track? Are you thinking about doing a liver cleanse but you have no idea how to go about it? Do you have a family history of disease and would like to identify herbs you can take to support that body system? Evaluation includes food diary, medical history review, identifying wellness goals, herbal formulation, follow-up evaluation. Approximately 5 hours – $ 527.00